Date: 21/03/2016

2015 Tuff Truck Challenge.

Date: 31/01/2016

Had a couple of great days at the 4Wheel Drive Spectacular. Even with the thunderstorms on Saturday we had some fantastic responses at our stand.

Wayne's World

How great is this!? There can be a billion debates about what make of off-road vehicle is the best. Nissan, Toyota, Jeep, Land Rover (yes even die hard Land Rover owners debate this) and then there is Ford Model T. What else is there to debate.

From watching this video the 'what happens?' is a lot of damage and a lot of coin to fix the damage. Now I have had a few staff I have managed over the years do this and even do this with a rather large 'diesel only' sign next to the fuel cap. 

Once again as a driver trainer I can't emphasis enough how dangerous it is to drive through floodwaters.

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